Rustic Grace Estate Wedding – Van Alstyne, TX :: Katie & Jimmy

the Wedding Team:

Ceremony Location:  Rustic Grace Estate (the little white chapel)

Reception Location: Rustic Grace Estate (the authentic 1920s red barn)

Caterer: Babe’s

Cake: The Cake Stand

Floral Design: Everly Alaine

Getting Ready Location: Rustic Grace Estate

Coordinator: Amy Lacey Weddings

Photographer: Emily Davis Photography

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0022

the Bride and Groom: Katie & Jimmy

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Katie – One of the most memorable moments from our day is when our pastor had us turn and face the people who attended our wedding.

Jimmy – I was feeling confident the whole day and didn’t feel nervous at all until Katie made her grand entrance. Even though we did a first look, seeing her walk through the doors made me weak in the knees and made it very real and exciting. I thought I was pretty clever in my vows but hearing everyone laugh as hard as they did really made me smile!

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Katie – My advice would be to enjoy the engagement. I feel I rushed into planning and stressed my self out for the first couple months of our engagement and if I could go back I would have basked in the excitement of it more. I also feel premarital counseling is so important for couples to do.

Jimmy – My advice to a groom is to have someone drive you around the day of your wedding. Whether its last minute errands or driving to the venue, your mind will be swimming!

Funniest moment from your wedding day?

Katie – One of my very close friends came up to me and told me he was having trouble tying his bow tie…it was a clip on bow tie! It just goes to show everybody loses their mind on the day of a wedding!

Jimmy – Watching everybody dance at the reception.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

The only thing I would change is I (Katie) had my extended family meet in the barn and I should’ve had them go to the chapel that way I would have been able to see and enjoy the flower arrangements in the reception area.

Where did you go/are you going on your honeymoon?

We are planning to go to Costa Rica in May!

I shoot at Rustic Grace pretty frequently, but this was my first wedding where the Bride & Groom used the chapel for the ceremony! It’s incredible – Katrina and Kevin really did a great job matching the style of the chapel to the look of the 1920s barn. (Also, look at the tiny barn on the directions card from their invitation! Dying!)

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0001Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0002Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0003

Bowtied boys are my favorite kind. (I call this tux “The Ryan Gosling Tux” >> Click to see what I mean.)

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0004Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0005

Bride’s Room hustle and bustle = great candids.

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0006

Everly Alaine knocked this one out of the park! Killed. It.

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0007Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0008Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0009Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0010

My favorite shot of Katie right before she went outside to meet her Groom at The First Look.

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0011Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0012Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0013Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0014Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0015

This unplanned Daddy/Daughter moment was !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0016Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0017Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0018Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0019

That’s the face we all want to see on our (almost)husbands – pure joy.

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0020Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0021Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0022Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0023Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0024Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0025Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0026Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0027Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0028Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0029Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0030Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0031Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0032Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0033Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0034Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0035Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0036Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0037Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0038

Katie & Jimmy planned plenty of time for photos, so we got the set right after the first look in the afternoon, and because all we had to do after the ceremony was their family formals, we got to take advantage of Golden Hour for about 15 minutes and shoot some “extras.” I’m so glad we did!

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0039Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0040Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0041Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0042Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0043Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0044Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0045Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0046Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0047Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0048

EDP’s “Rustic Grace Signature Shot.”

Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0049Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0050Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0051Rustic Grace Estate Wedding_0052